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Recent news

DarkMine is connecting to Micromium Minigames Network

Announced by DarkMine A-Team

Our DarkMine server is now a part of Micromium Minigames Network. You can still use the same IP address.

Development of PSS Database was resumed

Announced by DarkAB Development Department

Development of PSS Database started two years ago and it was shortly discontinued. Now it's coming back. Learn more

Website v3.1 launched

Announced by DarkAB Administration Department

After few days from website v3.0 launch, we introduced this new, modern and minimalist design for our website, supporting news, projects, events and account management.

What is DarkAB?

DarkAB is a team created by a student from Czech Republic in 2019. DarkAB is a team mainly for people interested in information technology including coding, programming and cybersecurity, but this team isn't only for developers, it's a team for everyone who can help us. We would like to make new projects and events, we would like to make the world better.

DarkAB started as a small group of developers. Their game servers, voice server and other projects were known as „Created by DarkAB“ and later more people wanted to make projects with them. During some time, more people applied for joining the DarkAB community. That’s how today’s team was formed.

We are creating a community

DarkAB was meant to be a team full of polite and respectful people. That’s why joining DarkAB isn’t easy, but it’s not impossible. DarkAB administrators are searching for new members every day. Find out more on DarkAB team page or in DarkAB documentation